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Official Photographers of the Springtime Classic


Avelo images will again be offering downloadable images of the event at a reduced price along with professional quality prints for sale, for those that want them.



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DATE OF EVENT: Sunday 13/03/16



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There are 3 great routes to choose from on this Cyclosportive, to find out more about the routes click on the individual route pages on the right hand side of this webpage.




On the day entries wll be accepted to find out more go to the how to enter page.CLICK HERE






All riders taking part get a free Continental 700c Race Inner tube worth £5.99continental continental inner subes

Also all riders will receive goodies from Secret Training! Worth over £5.50





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The Springtime Classic Cyclosportive event has it all. It really is the must do cycling event to test your early season fitness on the bike.


Over 800 riders signed up to the Springtime Classic in 2015 we're allowing up to 1000 to enter this year.



We urge you to enter as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  This year there is an early bird entry with the first 100 riders that enter getting a great discount if they enter before the 1st December.


Entering the Springtime Classic Cyclosportive on-line also means you will get the 10% loyalty discount for the Brighton to Brighton cyclosportive in September.


Go to our entry page to enter

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cob lane

Cob Lane


kidds hil

Kidds Hill



Groombridge Hill now renamed Col du Groombridge


The route sets out on some lovely roads around Sussex, traveling over the stunning wooded areas of Ashdown Forest. If you are doing the Classic route at 71 miles the route travels in to parts of Kent and Surrey. There are five notabile hilly sections on the routes with the main hills and descents being :-



Pillow Mounds Hill.

First you have to cross a ford before stating this first real test on the Springtime Classic.

Kidds Hill

Know locally as the WALL this hill is a sit in the saddle type of hill and grovel for most riders.

Groombridge Hill

Now renamed the Col du Groombridege only the Classic Route riders tackle this hill.  It has no run up and should be given respect if you want to save some energy in your legs for the rest of the ride.

Cob Lane Hill

The infamous Cob Lane Hill with its 20% gradient is a cycling shoe cleat wrecker as many are forced to walk this part of the course with its extra gravity.

We recommend that riders save some energy and strength in the legs for this hill as you don't want to walk the walk of shame. Cob Lane is a regular place for the official event photographers Avelo Images to take a picture of you enjoying the event !

Ardingly Reservior

The final set of really testing hills are the Ardingly reservior hills near Balcombe which is rapidly becoming a hot spot for the fracking Industry which is looking for for shale gas in the area. Hopefully your legs won't be to fracked by the time you get to these hills.  A feed station in Ardingly just before these hills should help.



There are some great descents on the Springtime Classic Cyclosportive, two notable descents are :-


Colemans Hatch Road

This descent is probably the most secnic on route traveling through Ashdown Forest it has some great views of the surrounding countryside.


Blackdown Hill Road

This road goes down for 3 miles before an incline and then anohter drop of about a mile or more. It's a lovely descent and surrounded by some lovely parts of Ashdown Forest. It takes fast riders over 12 min to descend. It's a real treat and a great chance to take a drink from your bidon and eat some food from your back pocket to make ready and be prepared for what lies ahead.


For more information about these major hills and descents on the Springtime classic Cyclosportive go to the individual ride details top right of this page.


Entry Pack


Please read the "Entry Pack" page which gives you all the important information you need to take part in the event. 

The Entry Pack page will be updated one week before the event to make sure all riders have up to date info. Click here to go to the the Entry Pack Page

Should you still need further information please don't hesitate to contact us.







SRS Springtime Classic 2011 from Alistair Cooper on Vimeo.


  • Fast Signing on in the morning.

  • Choice of 3 routes, riders can change route they do on the day if they like.

  • All routes comprehensively marked with arrows

  • Map and emergency number available to riders when signing on.

  • Four Feed Stations for the Classic Route 71 miles continental inner tube

  • All feed stations have toilets

  • All feed stations have free energy food for riders

  • All feed stations have free savory foods for riders

  • All feed stations have energy drink for riders

  • Mechanics available on route

  • All riders are electronically timed and Gold, Silver, or Bronze standards are awarded.

  • All riders are awarded certificates for their rides which are downlodable from SI Entries

  • Free Continental inner tube for all riders

  • Free snack meal to enjoy along with cycling films after the ride.

  • Massage available from Hazel Crowley Sport therapist associates HCSTA  £6 a session.
  • Broom wagon available

  • Paramedics available

  • Reduced entry to other events SRS Events organise





This cyclosportive event always proves to be a good test of early season fitness and determination for most cyclists.

All events are timed using the SPORTident timing system. Click on the links on the right of this page to find out more information on the individual routes.

Video of the 2009 version of this events below.

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click here for a press release by Cyclosport.org about this eventcyclosport.org press release about theis evnet



STRAVA PAGE join today

Will you be using a GPS device on this cyclosportive? If you are why not join the ON THE RIVET Velo Club Strava page and compare your rides with others that enter the Springtime Classic Cyclosportive, both at the event and in future training rides.





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If you are interesestd in joining a cycling club based in Sussex

ON THE RIVET Velo Club are accepting membership applications.


Sponsored by SRS Events all members of  ON THE RIVET Velo Club get massive discounts on entry to Cyclosportives and other events SRS Events organise.





Cyclosport.org ratings

The Springtime Classic Cyclosportive created and organised by SRS Events manages to achieve high levels of rider participants not because we have masses of funds for advertising or the financial backing like some events have from big conglomerate companies or international charities. yyy


We manage to get high levels of participants because we do our utmost to make sure everybody gets a great ride. The events are created by a team of people that love cycling and genuinely want everybody to enjoy the events SRS Events creates.


A lot of sweat and some tears goes into making sure things go smoothly for all participants on the day of the event. Which is why it is so appreciated when participants write back to us or blog about our events in a positive way. It means a lot to us to get so much praise and we must be doing something right to have so many riders who keep coming back to ride our events. Below are just some of the comments from the Cyclosport.org site.


We are resting on our laurals, we continue to create exciting cycling events and trips abroad. In 2014 we have a few new events for riders to enjoy so keep an eye on our website.


RobertTDF wrote:

SRS Events are masters at putting on sportives. Everything about the organisation of the event was friendly, smooth and professional, as always.


PeterLongworth wrote:

Excellent, well organised extremely enjoyable event. Thanks


Jason_devine wrote:

Great event, I found myself on my own for an hour so was grateful at how good the signage was!! Looking forward to the Eastbourne Ride!


CycleJim wrote:

Awesome event remember it being tuff 3 years ago mental note to self must train harder next time


kimbowasho wrote:

Great event, helped by the good weather for time of year. Some hard climbs but with great descents. Great route.


Richardincrawley wrote: can;t really fault it. signing on quick and stress free. great (if hard ) course.certificate with name and time on ten seconds after handing timing chip in was particularly impressive.


Timfc Wrote:

As always very well organised and supported, have taken part in 4 events now from this venue and really enjoy the whole experience, look forward to the Rumble in August.


Intrepid traveller:

Well run, interesting course ( pity about the potholes ), incredibly efficient timing and a few competitive groups to try and hang onto. Big thank you to all.


Liam N wrote:

My first event really only done to accompany my 13 year old son. He completed the challenge to help with his fund raising for a trip to Uganda in October. We really enjoyed the day! a great route and looking forward to doing another.


GAZIPS wrote:

A fun (but challenging!) and exceptionaly well organised sportive with enthusiastic marshals and support. A huge range of foods at the foodstops. And loos at the food stops too. Well marked and well planned route with lots of lovely country lanes. As soon as you complete the course you get your time and a certificate along with a free hot drink and post ride pasta. Totally recommend this sportive.


Kevin Corrigan wrote:

Extremely enjoyable day. As an event organiser (running) I appreciate the challenges that are presented in respect of running any event. I thought that the organising team did an exceptional job, particularly in respect of the pre event communications and the signage on the day. The route sheets, whilst useful, were not necessary. Minor gripe only would be about the toilets (or lack of at the HQ). However, I appreciate that everything has to achieve a cost balance. Well done to all concerned, I will be entering future events.


WildRover wrote:

Excellent, well-organised, professional cyclosportive with a high "feel-good" factor. Testing course with a lot of climbing but very attractive, especially in the fine weather conditions we enjoyed on the day. Would do this again and other sportives organised by SRS events.


Bam nolan wrote:

well run event, good signs and plenty of them... Nice bacon rolls before the start that were only a quid :) good atmosphere at the finish with free hot drinks and rolls and large screen cycling films. Will definitely do more SRS events ( done one previously).


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